Bewilder House

Bewilder House is a first-person puzzle game where you have to overcome a feeling of loss of bearings. Trapped in strange mazes where the walls open and close when you’re not looking, you’ll… Continue reading


My first professional experience, Lasermageddon is a game I worked on during a two months long internship in a company called 3Dduo. I worked on the pre-production of the game. I had to… Continue reading

Trying out the Just Cause 2 modding tools

The other day I decided I wanted to get an idea of what modding Just Cause 2 would entail. I didn’t have the time to make something deep and meaningful, but after a… Continue reading


Koth_Cabine is a King Of The Hill map for Team Fortress 2. I made it with a friend, as a personal project. I started by drawing sketches based on the experience we wanted… Continue reading

Side Effect

A project for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012. I did game design, sound design, and programmed the game (in C#, XNA for Windows Phone). My game design task in the team was to… Continue reading

The Apple-a-Day

The Apple-a-Day is a custom item made for Team Fortress 2. It’s a replacement weapon for the Scout character class, and is based on the old saying “An apple a day keeps the… Continue reading


Love is a unique and addictive high-score game based on risk versus reward, with an entirely interactive soundtrack. It’s playable on PC and Android. I made the whole game on my own, so… Continue reading

More coming soon.

I’m still building this, so there are still some projects I’d like to show that aren’t up yet. Please check back soon !