Ghost Recon Wildlands

      I worked as a game designer on Ghost Recon Wildlands (AAA open world third-person shooter) I’ve been a part of the project for almost 4 years from conception to ship (the… Continue reading

Jetpack-ball character movement prototype

  A prototype of a new third-person movement system that I’m experimenting with in Unreal Engine 4, a mix between a jetpack-propelled character controller and a fully physics-driven ball.   It’s an ongoing thing… Continue reading

Satie Cells

A procedurally generated puzzle game with an interactive soundtrack based on Erik Satie’s Gymnopédie n°1

Squishy cube controller thing

A small experiment with code-based animation in Unity.

Bewilder House

Bewilder House is a first-person puzzle game where you have to overcome a feeling of loss of bearings. Trapped in strange mazes where the walls open and close when you’re not looking, you’ll… Continue reading


My first professional experience, Lasermageddon is a game I worked on during a two months long internship in a company called 3Dduo. I worked on the pre-production of the game. I had to… Continue reading

Trying out the Just Cause 2 modding tools

The other day I decided I wanted to get an idea of what modding Just Cause 2 would entail. I didn’t have the time to make something deep and meaningful, but after a… Continue reading


Koth_Cabine is a King Of The Hill map for Team Fortress 2. I made it with a friend, as a personal project. I started by drawing sketches based on the experience we wanted… Continue reading

The Apple-a-Day

The Apple-a-Day is a custom item made for Team Fortress 2. It’s a replacement weapon for the Scout character class, and is based on the old saying “An apple a day keeps the… Continue reading


Love is a unique and addictive high-score game based on risk versus reward, with an entirely interactive soundtrack. It’s playable on PC and Android. I made the whole game on my own, so… Continue reading