Trying out the Just Cause 2 modding tools


The other day I decided I wanted to get an idea of what modding Just Cause 2 would entail. I didn’t have the time to make something deep and meaningful, but after a little research and trial and error I managed to do this :

  • Make enemies fly veeeery far when hit with a melee attack (I guess after all those years Crackdown still reigns over a sizeable part of my unconscious mind)
  • Get a ridiculous amount of air control when falling down from jump. It allows for some kind of fast air-dash, but it’s quite terrible to control (which probably makes it even more fun).
  • Flatten the normal map on Rico’s face and draw a lovely kitty face on it
  • Put a giant pineapple on his chest, for fashion

You can see the results in the video below.

I’d love to delve a bit more into it, see if it’s possible to sneak in some custom models or animations, or just find a way to spawn one of those things at the press of a button, because they’re (a) freaking cool, (b) the most badass way to bail out in the heat of the fight, (c) the vertical boost I sometimes felt Just Cause 2’s traversal gameplay needed.