The Apple-a-Day

The Apple-a-Day is a custom item made for Team Fortress 2. It’s a replacement weapon for the Scout character class, and is based on the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Making this allowed me to practice modeling, skinning (in 3DS Max), and texturing (with Photoshop). I also had to compile the model for integration with the Source Engine, and edit a few VMT scripts to obtain a satisfying aspect in-game.

I followed all the official optimization guidelines given by Valve and made 3 LODs.

The model itself being a non-specific apple, I quickly realised that what I thought worked well with the idea in the first place was the “joke” aspect of it, the fact that this age-old saying could be applied to the TF2 universe, with a slight change in its meaning. As a result, I also produced a fake advertising poster, similar to the ones Valve uses to introduce its official items to players.

It was very well received on the TF2 Steam Workshop, with a 5 stars rating, and a few days in third place on the front page. At the time of writing (6 months after the upload), it’s still ranked 23rd in the “Top Rated All Time” weapons for the Scout.

You can check out the submission directly on the workshop : here.

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apple_a_day_poster apple_a_day_blu_team appleaday_firstperson_red