Ghost Recon Wildlands





I worked as a game designer on Ghost Recon Wildlands (AAA open world third-person shooter)

I’ve been a part of the project for almost 4 years from conception to ship (the first 6 months as an intern)


For the past 2 years (from April 2015 to ship), I was designer on player character mechanics and cameras.

I was the main designer on these subjects :

  • I worked with programmers and animators to design, prototype, iterate upon and ship all gameplay mechanics and systems related to the main player character (movement, aiming, traversal, etc)
  • I set-up and tweaked all cameras related to those mechanics, and worked with programmers to design and iterate upon the underlying camera systems where needed (aim assist, aim preservation, collision,…)
  • I acted upon playtest results, feedback from the team, and other designers, all while maintaining the cohesiveness of the overall design and keeping in line with the directors’ vision
  • I worked with associate producers to ensure timely advancement of features and assessment of workload, ensured proper communication within the player mechanics team, and acted as a main contact point for the rest of the project’s departments, leads and directors regarding player mechanics.


Before that (July 2013 to April 2015), I was a designer on various topics :

  • I worked on first proposals of progression systems
  • I did some conception work on overall menu architecture and flow with UI artists and UX designers
  • I worked on first proposals and rapid prototyping of narrative implementation, taking into account the constraints of an open world with a non-linear mission structure and strong co-op aspects, with programmers, writers and level designers (only for a few weeks in the run-up to a milestone)