Love is a unique and addictive high-score game based on risk versus reward, with an entirely interactive soundtrack. It’s playable on PC and Android. I made the whole game on my own, so I learnt a lot in several aspects of game-making (Game Design, 2D art, Programming, Sound Design, and a little bit of writing).

When the game was done I negotiated a sponsorship deal via FlashGameLicense, and uploaded it to Kongregate.

Click here to play it.

The game was very well received on Kongregate, where it was played over a million times. The game also caught the attention of several publications like the weblog,,, Nolife TV, and was featured on the front page of french newspaper Libération.

The Child Of Eden contest

A few months later, I ported the whole game to ActionScript 3, added a new game mode, and made a few usability improvements based on player feedback on the first game. This new version allowed me to win third place in the “Project Eden : Experience The Music” contest, organized by Kongregate and Ubisoft.

It got Q Entertainment’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi to play the game and comment on it, which meant a lot to me because Love was hugely inspired by his work (the interactive soundtrack always was the main intention for the game, contrary to what most players think the “metaphorical” aspect was added way later, once the game was mostly finished but only lacked a name).


Adapting for mobile

A month after this, I made significant optimizations to code and graphics, along with some usability work to make a version of the game that would be playable on Android phones. I was part of the top ten of Kongregate’s “Summer Mobile Game Contest“. Aside from the game itself, players regularly praise the controls, which were specifically adapted to be touch-screen friendly. The fact that  Kongregate CEO Jim Greer chooses to use Love when he demonstrates the various features of the Kongregate Arcade app is further proof that the conversion to mobile was successful.

(skip directly to 1:24 to see the mobile version of the game in action)

XNA and Windows Phone 7

I made yet another version of the game, this time in C#, with XNA for Windows Phone 7. I hoped to submit it to the Dream Build Play 2012 contest, but I wasn’t ready in time due to a heavy load of schoolwork to deal with at the same moment. I continued the development on this version, which is now clearly the most polished version of the game overall. It’s about 95% done right now, I hope to release it before summer.